PR Road Contractors Ltd - Landscaping Services


PR Road Contractors offer a select range of landscaping services for your home garden.

We will work hard with you to prepare, construct and finish any number of outdoor surfaces that you may require, from paths to patios to artificial grass. With our help, you can achieve a presentable, durable garden that you've previously only dreamed about.


Garden Path Upgrades.

They tie the whole visual aesthetic of the garden together whilst providing some much needed accessibility to it's most appealing areas such as lawns and flowerbeds. PR Road Contractors have been building garden paths for many years now. We know what a garden path needs and what it doesn't. We offer a wide selection of materials including block paving and resin bound surfacing to hold your garden path together at an affordable price.

Garden Path

Patios increase the value of your home.

They provide some much needed stability to the garden whilst also providing you a space to socialise and admire your handiwork.

PR Road Contractors offer more than our fair share of sublime domestic patios. These can be constructed from both resin bound paving and block paving with many additional options available to customise this brilliant little addition to your liking.

Garden Patio

Artificial grass can save you both time and money.

Let's face it; it's tough keeping a green lawn. Unpredictable weather, pets and more can all lead to your lawn looking patchy and yellowed.

Instead of dealing with all of the hassle, why not ask PR Road Contractors to fit your lawn with artificial turfing? Artificial turfing doesn't need watering and is incredibly effective for providing a visually pleasing and low-maintenance alternative to natural solutions.

Our artificial grass is available in many colours and shades, so don't hesitate to ask us!

Garden Patio